Where:   Scienceworks, Museum Victoria, Spotswood

When:                                                       Saturday 22nd August

Time:                                                                                       5pm-9pm

Tickets:                                                                      On sale NOW!

Program:                                                                 download here                                                                              

Mount Burnett Observatory and Telescopes in Schools have come together to put on a huge Astronomy and Light Festival for the Melbourne public at Scienceworks during National Science Week.

The festival will be a showcase of Australian Astronomy and Light in conjunction with the International Year of Light. Contributors and sponsors of the event are coming together on this evening to share the wonders of light with you. Plenty of fun and interesting activities for all ages.

The aim of the festival is to bring together professional, amateur and industry partners invested in Astronomy and Light. Talks, shows, panels, demonstrations, hands-on activities, a field of telescopes and much, much more will be available to make your evening one to remember.

Remember to keep up to date with all the latest news on our Facebook and Twitter sites too. And tickets are available through Eventbrite.


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Saturday 22nd August Scienceworks

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